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Click Here to find out more. Astrology apps are having a moment. You ready to get ejected into space? This is so funny, and so wholesome. Putting your zodiac sign in your dating profile has risks and rewards.

Astrological idea claims where you are determines your fate for the year | Daily Mail Online

It's a risk -- but not necessarily a bad one. Astrology Twitter is wild. Just ask AOC. We can finally finish AOC's natal chart. Why does my astrology app want me to investigate the debt industry? Thanks to the stars for giving us some sick burns. A celestial star-sign roast. Which dating app should you choose? Find love using the internet's favorite pastime: astrology.

We are not all equal in the eyes of the universe, apparently. I'm a Kathy Bates, Cher rising. Zodiac signs are overrated.

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Tell me the last four digits for your social security number. The first layer is your natal chart you on a personal level ; the second, what is happening in the sky at any given moment collective transits such as a full moon or Mercury Retrograde ; and the third putting the two together for a more complete picture. Like other self-awareness tests and profiles such as Myer-Briggs, Strengths Finder, Enneagram, or Human Design, astrology allows us to bring greater awareness to our unconscious patterns and tendencies.

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Astrology also allows us to reiterate our strengths and superpowers to boost confidence and minimize places of insecurity. But the chart speaks to much more: it shows the angles of the planets, the positions of the many asteroids—there are more than a million of them in our solar system—all of which showcase your complexity.

When you understand the planetary influences that are unique to you based on what was happening the moment you were born, you can find new ways to lean toward your unique gifts and away from self-destructive patterns.

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  5. These often evolve from the same place in our chart. The beauty of astrology is that the shadow side of one planet also offers us a hidden strength. Both the positive and negative parts of your chart can reveal which tools you have at your disposal for recovery as well as other aspects of untapped potential that await on the other side of sobriety.

    An example is Neptune, which I have prominently in my own natal chart and I see often in the charts of those with alcohol or other use disorders. Having the planet Neptune next to or at an angle to the Sun, Moon, or rising in my case my Moon when you are born can suggest a desire to escape or disassociate as a way of avoiding discomfort. In my own case, I often feel overwhelmed by my own feelings and then want to disappear.

    Marijuana and alcohol were perfect salves for getting me out of my body and losing myself in something, and somewhere, else. Since I stopped drinking, that same sensitivity has become my superpower. When in a difficult expression Neptune promotes permeability and anxiety. But its gifts are numerous, too: intuition, meditation, imagination, and flow states such as when you become immersed in photography, writing, or any hobby you enjoy. I can offer intuitive guidance and keep up with my meditation or qigong practice.

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    When I need a break or feel anxiety kick in, I lean into watching movies or listening to music—both Neptune activities—instead of losing myself into substance. Others with the same planetary combination may not have this same issues. For them, the energy may be focused on their imagination, or being a filmmaker, or even spiritual bypassing forcing ourselves to always stay positive and not examine our pain or the pain of others as a way of avoiding difficult emotions.

    And knowing our superpowers can be a confidence boost that can soothe insecurity and remember why we are worthy of taking care of ourselves. Feeling astro-curious now? You may be ready to dive deeper into your natal chart. There are a few options to explore:.