Pisces horoscope born january 25

You always manage to be innovative, original and focused on your end goal. This has made you be quite valuable to the people around you. You are very good at observing and analyzing your environment. From your observations and analyses, you come up with solutions that cater to the needs of your society. You and your fellow Cuspers are heavily involved in humanitarian activities. It is your desire to see people happy. To do this, you have devised ways to network with people who can help.

As a January 25 zodiac lover, you are as versatile as you are attractive. In addition, you are quite adventurous. This means that you like discovering and exploring new horizons. These traits have found their way into your love life. As such, you never stick with one partner for long.

Granted, you are quite passionate with your chosen lover. However, you easily get bored and move on to new territories.

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

According to the analysis of your astrological charts, you have the capacity to love many partners at once. You are attracted to people who are creative, imaginative, and lively.

These kinds of people can keep step with your lifestyle and eccentricities. Your ideal partner would have to be an Aquarius, a Gemini or a Libra. You have many common viewpoints with people who belong to these zodiac signs. You are a sensitive lover.

January 25 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

You have mastered the art of treating your loved ones with all that you can afford. Your loved ones are the objects of your adoration. You are forever searching for a person who can understand you. The best person to fit this bill would be a fellow Aquarius. We would advise you to avoid getting into a love affair with a Scorpio. According to your astrological charts, you are not compatible with partners born under this sign.

A relationship with them is likely to end in disaster. As noted earlier, the January 25 zodiac people are quite temperamental. Also, they are quite cunning. You easily talk your way out of trouble.

However, you most prominent trait is your charm. You seem to affect people in a positive way. As such, people enjoy your company. This is why you get many invites to almost all the parties in your neighborhood. You treasure your independence. As a freethinker, you do not allow standard beliefs to block your way. You are to be found in the company of knowledge seekers. This is because you too are perpetually hunting for knowledge. You do not give up easily in your quest.

People born under the Aquarius sign are visionaries. You have an original, authentic approach to the concerns of life. All the same, you need to be wary of certain flaws in your character. For example, you sometimes behave in an arrogant manner. You push people away by behaving in a manner that shows you do not need them. Remember, no person is an island! Also, you need to be flexible. Allow yourself to be advised by others, especially when you are stuck. Being hardheaded may not get you anywhere!


The January 25 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Aquarius. They belong to the same group as people born between January 20 and January You are under the direct influence of the planet Uranus. As such, you are both altruistic and resourceful. You attract many friends because of your charming nature. However, you have very few confidants. In a quest to figure out which zodiac signs are most likely to be serial killers , Bustle looked at lists of America's most notorious murderers — which included the likes of Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, and David Berkowitz — and from there, expanded out to Canada and Europe and beyond, so folks like Robert Pickton and Rosemary West would be included.

And in doing so, compiled a list of the 25 of the most notorious serial killers of our time. If you're a fan of true crime, you've likely heard all their names. From there, we looked up their zodiac signs and began to notice a few patterns. Surprisingly Pisces, which is known as the dreamiest, most artistic sign, was really racking up the points.

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And the same was true for Sagittarius, which is famed for its adventure-seeking mentality. No shade on Virgo, but serial killers are often known for their organization , their precision, and their predictability in terms of carrying out, well, serial crimes. But the highly-organized Virgo was not at the top of the list. Based on this informal research, here are the top four zodiac signs most common among famous serial killers. In first place we have Pisces, which accounted for a whopping five out of the 25 serial killers researched.

Dennis Rader, born on March 9, was known as the BTK killer , and was responsible for ten murders. Aileen Wuornos, born on February 29, was an American serial killer who murdered six men and was the subject of the movie Monster starring Charlize Theron , according to CNN. Donald Henry Gaskins, born March 13, , was convicted of nine murders. John Wayne Gacy, born March 17, , killed at least 33 boys. And Richard Ramirez , famously known as "the Night Stalker," was born February 29, and went on to be convicted of 13 counts of murder, according to Biography.

Pisces, as mentioned above, is often referred to as the dreamer of the zodiac. This sign has a long list of wonderful traits, but is also known to be clingy, out-of-touch with reality , and self-pitying. While being a Pisces does not predispose someone to being a serial killer, it's an interesting pattern. Gemini is tied for second place on the list, with three serial killers.

January 25 Birthday Astrology

Super famous Jeffrey Dahmer is also a Gemini, though he was born on the cusp on May 21, He was known for the brutal murder of 17 men , as noted by the Crime Museum in Tennessee. He murdered six people in New York City between and , and according to Biography, launched a famous manhunt that led to his capture. As for its common personality traits, Gemini is known for being charming, which is actually quite common among serial killers, seeing as many are sociopaths — or sufferers of antisocial personality disorder.